Saturday, October 25, 2008

This weeks work!

Wow..have been spending lot of time on assignments! life is crazy..time is flying really fast and what next - i am kinda tired,sleepless,sick etc.. but its cool i love the direction i am heading towards!

There are like 2 drawings out of which i spent most of the time on drapery! it was so terrible,i am not used to working on a cloth..i mean cubes and different shapes..i am more better with human figures rather than cubes,spheres etc.. i think most of the people in my class think the same - they are surely good with humans compared to basic shapes! this week was great..loads of hardwork and stress which got reimbursed by gettin a B minus for the portrait and a C/C minus on the drapery..i felt my instructor was kinda hard at grading drapery..i might rework on it then get my grades updated! until then..

thanks for looking.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hardwork does pay off!!

My character design! hvn't thought about the name though..still thinking!!

Wow,i got loads of sketches to post! trying best to post them all togther! I am really happy today as i got a nod for my character design,my instructor told me to work hard on illustrations and ofcourse rendering it and I will do something great! yay! i heard a good comment after a very longtime,it just totally cheered me up,1 thing i learned today - everyone has a downfall once in a while but just don't fall with it - keep fighting you will surely get something thats for sure! and i am glad after working on this character design for the 1st time in my life,i got it quite better than i had expected and m kinda happy with it..hoping i do good with illustrations and rendering (keeping fingers crossed)! thanks for looking.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally got time to post new stuff!!

Its been a long long time since i have posted my artwork! finally got enough time to post new stuff that i am happy with! have been doing loads of life drawing and guess what - i am improving really fast! thats it for now!! more stuff coming soon..

thanks for looking! cheers!