Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A small update.

With almost 1 week remaining for my visa interview,have been busy with documents,here are a few sketches that i had done earlier...thnx for looking.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Beginning...

Since I was a child,just like any other kid,I always loved cartoons,it was fascinating to see so many different drawings coming to life just like real human beings,the way they pulled out different emotions it was and is so realistic.

Now after changing 2 different streams from Science to Commerce and now from Commerce to Arts,I feel,I have made my choice of unleashing the creativity through a medium called Art,I had to go through these 2 streams maybe due to lack of availability of choices,or maybe i wasn't matured enough to make my choices,whatever it might be-I have a desire to work hard in this stream and its not the money that i want the most-Its me standing up on my own feet and my parents feeling proud of me as i achieve what i want.

This blog will be a collection of what i create daily - my current projects,my sketches,etc

As for now i will be posting my old stuff,will keep updating as i work on..