Monday, November 9, 2009

My final version of Flour sack !

Its been a longtime,I have been working on my final assignment (2d animation) since almost a week,its going to be probably 1 min or longer,hopefully i will make people laugh,keeping fingers crossed..Its about a bear and a gumball machine in forest and how the gum ball machines pisses off the bear.
Anyways,Heres the updated version of flour sack,which i finally ended working on today..I wish i could add more in the end which i might once i get some freetime.Maybe a chandelier falling from the roof or
Thanks for looking.

Monday, October 19, 2009

2D animation - flour sack!

My assignment that I finished today,Which will be submitted tomorrow for critics,I am not really happy about how it came out,but yeah awaiting my instructors response and might correct it then, but oh well, next thing I would love to post is my new monster model that I have been working on since the beginning of the semester,hopefully I will finish it within this week.Critics and comments welcome,
Thanks for looking,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Real or CG?

ok,no prizes for guessing..umm,here goes - alright so I have been working on this alley since almost 6 weeks,the pictures were taken from san francisco,I had to wander everywhere in sf to search for these textures and guess what the more dirty the place the more better,these textures were taken from the dirtiest places and composited together with some techniques to make it look real,I might work on it abit more,I am not yet satisfied with it.

Halloween is coming close,Guess what? next assignment is all pumpkins :D .
Btw the answer is CG - it was done in Maya and adobe photoshop.

Thanks for looking,


Monday, October 12, 2009

Some of my previous works done in charcoal.

Here's some stuff that I didn't post,its from my second semester,two charcoal drawings ya charcoal is my favourite,I just love charcoal so much you know? the second one is one of my friends portrait that I had to do - WAIT! I did his portrait because it was the final assignment and my instructor asked me to do it. btw thanks for looking

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My first 2 D animation

Hey there people,finally I have decided to start posting my stuff as I get time,Since I have taken 2d animation classes for this semester,I will be uploading my 2d stuff,What should I say about 2 d animation,well its a pain in the butt thats for sure (well atleast for me) However its a good feeling to watch the stuff that you spend so much time on and especially when it comes to life,but one thing for sure- Its all about timing,its not how good it looks (well it is but the primary thing is timing) So whats timing? In the words of an animator - Timing is the speed of an action,it gives the meaning to movement to both physical and emotional,it is something which keeps the entertainment alive,the perfect gag or the perfect movement which makes spectators laugh etc.

Here is one clip that I worked on for now and new stuff will be up soon.

Thanks for looking,


Sunday, October 4, 2009

New stuff coming soon..

My apologies for not updating my blog since almost 6 months,There's so much going on and I have got to show so many things,I will try my best to update it as soon as I get some free time,The blog will be updated by the end of next month or december with all the latest stuff.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My 3-D stuff

Its almost a month left for the semester to end..and i have been drawing and working on my 3 d stuff..Maya software is complicated..but its fun when you get the hang of it...i m in a rush as usual..i will post my drawings as soon as i get these 2 demo's ! Its actually Lotus temple..made in maya,the first one is a turntable and the second one is a composition (like in a real enviornment)...hope u like'em
thanx for looking.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My first intro for my demo reel!

Its been almost 3 months since i have posted anything..its really disappointing!! well its my 2nd semester here and i have very few drawing classes,mostly 3d stuff and a little perspective..classes r really fun so far..i love my perspective class,have made so many "good drawings" cant wait to post them here!..This video is actually an intro for my future demo reel...Actually I had 2 versions..but i think the 1st one is the better one and i look forward to use it,The image in the demo was one of my halloween pic which was photoshopped and used here -- hope u like it..! comments appreciated! thanx for looking!!