Monday, September 15, 2008

All set and ready to DRAW!

It has been a really longtime since i last updated my blog what a shame,unable to scan any drawings its really hard for me to keep up with the ongoing competition in my school,trust me i have never come across this kind of competition in my whole life atleast not in India,i also found that people here come to study in the schools and not for fun unlike in India,the amount of dedication i saw in some students in my class was excellent,can you imagine a person spending 10 hours drawing a bottle which looks like a replica of the original bottle such stuff is really mindboggling.
These people are an inspiration to me and helps me to reach my goal-to do more!
i remember someone saying "Art is 90% sweat & 10% talent" if you need something just go for it,don't care what the returns will be,if not anything you will atleast end up with something...
Recently i have done alot of figure drawing and i m slowly loving it somehow,i want to post them but guess what no luck,no time!! life in america is really fast compared to India..
I always used to reach before time in India,but here the same technique doesn't work anymore-the outcome i reach atleast 5 mins late everywhere which is really sad..its been 2 weeks and i can see some improvement in my drawings and my intrest seems growing getting bigger and bigger..i hope to finish my bfa in a year (fingers crossed) and its a challenge that i am facing getting an A might be difficult but getting a B wouldn't be easy AAU C is considered an average student and D is fail,my only aim is A !! and i want A A A A and only A's!!!!