Saturday, December 20, 2008

New sucky stuff !

20 mins figure drawing workshop
2 hr fig drawing.

sad drawings..

Bill Russel portrait.

My semester ended with a big smile on my face,i didn't work hard enough at the drawings though,but learnt loads of new stuff!! tried different techniques which didn't turn out well,art is after all experimenting new stuff and learning new things isn't it? only thing i worked hard was on portrait which came out pretty decent,i used a new technique on still life and wrestling drawing which sucked and with that experience worked on my portrait!! i hv taken pictures of these drawings which further degrades them! :( i m surely gonna enjoy this christmas! hope u too,thanks for looking more stuff yet to come!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My first portfolio piece!!!!!

Character design 2D

Character design 3D.
I m very happy bout the way my character design came out from paper (2D medium) to a clay portraiture,glad that i can now convert an intangible idea into something tangible which people can observe and understand...its been a long journey and its gonna be even longer after the sem ends...what i learnt here in 4 months would have taken atleast a year or more in India..this one piece is yet to be converted into ceramic and then coloured! hope everything works as planned...more artwork to come..

thanks for looking.