Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pixar 1 class notes week 1

Pixar Class Week 1
A brief summary of my first pixar class, oh, it seems like there are a lot of great animators are there :D

Rhythm, Timing, Beat
Rhythm-----pattern, texturing, timing
Learning drawing is vital!
Anticipation------every movement in animation should have
Arc-----every single thing in body should have
No overshoot, no energy
exaggerate first and then pull it back until it's fit with animation(Don't be afraid of exaggerating too much)
focus on PRINCIPLES-----staging, posing, anticipation (mainly missed)
Rhythm, Timing, Spacing-----nail them down FIRST
They never seen good timing and spacing for Jump assignment
contact frame-----right before and after the energy applies, foot touches the ground, stretch legs
look for contact poses-----key
video reference-----cool motion, we could get the acting that people can't think of consciously
video-reference-----push things more, search what makes animation unique
show 5 times before dailies
be careful the gap between keys-----graph editor
Smooth out until the keys faded out-----I don't know which frame is the keys, ease-in and ease-out

source : Ryo Wakasungi (my class friend)


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Sonia said...

Stumbled on your blog and all the notes/anm updates are very interesting! I love the first shot in your new demoreel a lot (one with the superhero) :)